Molen De Speelman

The Grain Mill of Rotterdam Overschie! Entry € 1,=/adult

Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 3pm

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  • Picture of: Mick Willemsen / Madstudio
  • Picture of: Mick Willemsen / Madstudio
  • Picture of: Paul Breijs

About Molen De Speelman

In Overschie, until 1972, a round stone scaffolding mill “De Hoop” stood on the Delftweg near the Schie. For low-flying aircraft from Zestienhoven airport, this mill was a dangerous obstacle and it was therefore decided to relocate and rebuild the last mill of Overschie, once about 28, on the Overschiese Kleiweg. After the move, it was given the name De Speelman.

Wikipedia & De molendatabase

In May 1999 there was a beautiful artikel (Dutch) in “Molendewereld” with many photos about the rescue of the mill from May 1940.

Are you interested in the biotope around the mill? View this artikel (Dutch) from Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland.

Become volunteer

Looking for a woman or man who would like to strengthen our team and preserve the craft of miller as an intangible heritage. Het Gilde van Vrijwillige Molenaars has made a textbook and there are pleasant informative meetings.

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All work on the mill is carried out by volunteers who have completed the training to become a voluntary miller or are still learning to do so. The photo shows from left to right Pauline, Ton, Jaap, Gerard and Paul.
Ton has been a miller here for almost 40 years, the others joined later.


Visit the mill in park Zestienhoven

News / announcements:

The mill opens again!

Good news, the mill is opening again! Flour sale starts from Saturday 4th of July at 10:00 am, please note: you must follow the RIVM guidelines and keep your distance. Sightseeing inside the mill is also possible in consultation with the millers on site. Click here for more information.

PIN payment only and up to 10 kg / 2 large bags per customer.

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The mill is closed for a while during the corona crisis. The volunteers of Molen de Speelman take this opportunity for major maintenance and renovation. In collaboration with Gebroeders Ouwendijk B.V., a completely new office with sales desk will be installed. Unfortunately, no flour is ground, since making food products and renovation do not go together in a mill for hygiene.

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Heritage Days Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 Sep 2020

With free viewings for young and old.

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